What is task comment and its use?

Task comment is a mechanism which allows mobile to communicate with their managers, without exiting the application. basically then can chat with their seniors for example if mobile user is sitting with a customer and want to confirm something from his manager they can instantly send a message to manager, who can reply on the same.

To use this feature mobile user can go to his task and follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. In your task click on pencil icon on right side
  2. Click on conversation
  3. Type the message and send it by clicking on arrow icon


 Web user will now receive a notification in FeetPort web console.


Click on notification that will redirect web user to chat window inside task, where he can write back to mobile user.


Web user can see this comment on task but first he will have to configure task comment by following these steps:

  1. Go to activity setting
  2. On general setting tab, click on allow comments
  3. Choose the option and update the activity
  4. Go to the task module
  5. On right hand side click on comment beside logs
  6. Write back to the message by typing and press enter. This message will be received to the Mobile user in application.


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