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How to view Customer 360 profile View ?

Now customer can see the latest features in Contacts module via customer 360 view.  The latest features of this module have mention below: 

  • Open the Feetport app in your device and the Home Page will appear. 


  • Click on the Contacts module and then Customer list page will be open.


  • Choose any particular customer to view the details.
  • Now the Customer 360 view page will appear to the user.


  • There are various options to interact with the customer such as Call, Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Navigate on the top of the page.
  • The next feature is Stage. In this feature user can see some stages of the customer which can be converted from one stage to the next one ,like not contacted, contacted , interested, not interested and under application which user can see on the screen.
  • There is an option for the user to change the stage for the customer by selecting Change Stage option which can be seen in blue label.


  • The next is Info feature. User can view the information of the customer by click on the view Info such as Name, Phone number , Date of user creation, Address etc.



  • After viewing Info , move to the Reminder card. In this card user can view Reminders which have been created by him or also can create new one by clicking on the Create option.
  • User also can create Reminder by clicking on the Hamburger icon which will be appear in blue label.



  • The another one is Orders. User can view all the details of pending orders in this card and also can create new orders by choosing create option which can be seen in green colour.
  • The last one is Tasks module. User will be able to see all the tasks which have been done by him for the customer view after clicking on the view tasks option from the right bottom corner and also able to create new tasks after click on the create option which can be seen in green colour. User also can create task by clicking on the Hamburger icon which will be appear in blue label.