How to view customers/ contacts in FeetPort App? (Android)

Field person can view the customers/ contacts assigned to him in FeetPort application which helps the field user to  locate the nearby customers and the visits accordingly.

Below are the steps to view customers in FeetPort app:

  1. From FeetPort app home page, go to the 'Contacts' option.
  2. Customer list will appear with details like name, number, address, last met date and distance between the user and customer location for the current week, last week, current month and last month..
  3. Click on the three do to change the view mode of the customers like Created at, Updated at, Current stage, Last Contacted, Last meeting and Distance. ( Customers will appear on the basis of three parameters)
  4. Click on Location icon to view customer in map view.


Viewing customers on map:

Click on the 'Location' icon on the upper left corner to view cutomers in map view.

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