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How to view customers/ contacts in URVA1 App? ( IOS )

The field person can view the contacts assigned to him in the URVA1 application which helps the field user to locate the nearby customers and then visits them accordingly.

Below are the steps to view customers in the URVA1 app:

    1. From the URVA1 app homepage, go to the 'Contacts' option.
    2. All the customer groups which have been mapped with you will be visible.
    3. Click on any Customer group.
    4. Under the Connected tab, you will be able to view customers contacted this week, last week, this month, and last month.
    5. Under the All and New tab, the Customer list will appear with details like name, number, last met date, and distance between the user and customer location.
    6. Click on the three dots to change the view mode of the customers like Created atUpdated at, Current stage, Last Contacted, Last meeting, and Distance. ( Customers will appear based on these three parameters)
    7. If you click on Contact, you can callSMSEmail, and WhatsApp the customer.
    8. Click on the Location icon to view the customers in map view.
    9. Under Filter, you can switch to different customer groups assigned to you. Also, you can create a customizable filter.