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Loan Restructuring 2.0 announced on May 05, 2021 – for Individuals, Small businesses and MSMEs

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Who is eligible for restructuring? 

The bank shall assess the financial capability of the customer to pay the restructured EMIs basis the documents provided, the repayment track record of the customer, credit bureau records etc.

3. Which are the products covered under the regulatory restructuring relief package? 
4. What type of loans are not eligible for restructuring? 
Loans to the following entities/individuals are not eligible for restructuring under this scheme:

After assessing the impact of the pandemic on the financial condition of the borrower, banks may offer a moratorium or extend the repayment period. The decision is solely at the discretion of RBL Bank.

5. What documents do I need to submit to avail the restructuring benefit? 
The following documents may be required to review your restructuring application: 
For salaried borrowers: 

For self-employed borrowers/ entities:

During assessment, if necessary, bank may ask for further documents in-order to review the restructuring application