How to track field users from FeetPort Web Portal?

Tracking mobile users from FeetPort web portal can be done easily from Location Analytics module in FeetPort Menu.
Web user can track mobile user's accurate location along with details like Mock Location mode, Flight Mode, Hotspot, Internet Availability, Location Mode, Mobile Data Status and Developer Status.
Also, the total distance traveled by the field user along with the tasks done in a day can be viewed on the screen
User can track location by following steps mentioned below:
  • Login in Web Portal and go to FeetPort Navigation Menu on the left.


  • Click on the 'Location Analytics' option.


  • On the right hand side, a search option will appear. Type the user's name or select user from the list. 


  • No you will be able to view tracked location of the User for Present Day.
  • Choose the date from the Date option to check tracking for different days.
  • You will be able to view the User' profile, device details with Android and FeetPort app version.
  • Below User's profile you will be able to see no. of tasks done the user on particular day.
  • Also, you can filter track data on the basis of filters like Task, Fences & Device.
  • You can also click on 'Play Route' option to view the movement of the user in map.
You can download all this information in excel form for a particular day to check the detailed location data by clicking on 'Download in Excel'.