I am unable to login to FeetPort. What shouId I do?

Sometimes a field user faces issue of not been able to sign in to FeetPort application on mobile device.
Please check the mobile settings as per following to avoid such instances:
Check your Location mode and set it to 'High Accuracy'.
  • Go to Device settings, and tap on Location option.
  • Turn on location and select mode as High accuracy.



Check Battery optimization and make it "Disabled".
  • Go to Device settings and tap on Device Maintenance.
  • Tap on Battery option and click Battery usage.
  • Tap the More button on the action bar at the top right and choose Optimize battery usage.
  • On the Optimize Battery Usage screen, choose All apps list from the drop-down to see all the apps on the device.


  • Click on FeetPort from the list of apps and choose Don’t optimize and tap on DONE


  • Exit Settings and open FeetPort application from Device Menu.
  • Login to FeetPort.
  • Tap on “Click here to begin

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