Hierarchy is an organisational structure which is divided into series of levels with different status. Higher level means greater authority, importance, and influence. It can link entities directly or indirectly.It establishes a clear lines of communication, authority and reporting structure between different levels. e.g Very easy to fetch all the information and reports area, zone, city, state, or region wise.
All the organisation hierarchies can be viewed together in Organisation level sub module under Foundation in Manager Console. By clicking on downward arrow in front of top most hierarchy name, all levels of it can be expanded.Web users who will create Activities and do related work should have access to this module.


Organisation level can be modified by clicking on pencil icon in front of every level and then click on update button.


Organisation level can be deleted by clicking on delete icon in front of Organisation level name. Organisation level cannot be deleted until and unless it is having Activities in it. This is the base of any Company, you know as without base building can't stand  similarly if we remove base our structure won't stand.

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