How to add areas in presence?

Area mapping is a helpful tool to plan tour for any specific user. FeetPort facilitates Admin User (web) to plan tour of the Field users who can view areas in their mobile application.
Field users can also define the same within the application which will be notified to the Admin User (web). First step to do the same is to upload all areas in which company wants team to visit.

To add areas in presence, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. From Navigation Menu, click on Presence.
  2. Click on Area and then select AREA tab.
  3. Click on + icon to add new areas
  4. Select ONE BY ONE and then fill fields like Latitude, Longitude, Address, City, Pin code etc as per requirement
  5. Click Save to add the area.
  6. To bulk upload the area data, click EXCEL UPLOAD (To upload in bulk).
  7. Click on Download Template and a template will be downloaded in excel.
  8. Fill the data in the excel sheet.
  9. Finally, click Upload to add the areas in bulk..


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