General Reports

How to create & edit a report?

To access expense reports, You must have Permission of Expenses. Permissions can be updated in Roles under Users & Identity.
  1. From the left Navigation Menu go to & Reports Analysis and choose General reports.
  2. Under Performance reports Click on + icon.
  3. Under General step, Choose required steps like Name for report, description and activity.
  4. Click on '+'  icon to add a new field.
  5. Give a label, operation and format for a field.
  6. Click on  settings ' '  icon to configure its properties.
  7. Choose Type of field and field name, Click on + icon to specify any condition.

  8. Click on Next to choose a field to Group records.
  9. Click on next to choose roles to which this report will assign.
  10. Click on Create to save report.


How to compare tour plan with actual areas visited by team?

To download Area reports, you must have permission of area reports, click here to assign permissions:

  1. From Navigation Menu ,go to Reports & Analysis and choose General Reports.
  2. Select Area report tab and choose Area report.
  3. Select an Activity to compare visits with planned areas.
  4. Select Territory and users.
  5. Choose location Field Name of activity.
  6. Choose a date range.
  7. Click on SUBMIT to extract report in Excel Format.




How to view targets vs achievement report?

Web user must have permission of Targets and Goals. To access target reports, folow the below steps:


  1. From Navigation Menu, go to Reports & Analysis and choose General Reports
  2. Select Target Report Tab and Click on Target Report User Wise.
  3. Choose Goal and its occurrence.
  4. Select Supervisor.
  5. Click on Show Territory wise to view report of users in specific territories
  6. Choose users.
  7. Click on Submit to view report in Excel Format.
  8. Web User can download the report by clicking the download icon on the upper right corner.


How to view Beat Plan Output report in FeetPort web?

To access Beat Plan Output reports, you must have Permission of Beat Plan. 

Follow the steps:

  1. From the left Navigation Menu, go to Reports & Analysis and choose General reports
  2. Under BEAT PLAN REPORT tab Choose Beat Plan Report
  3. Choose Beat Plan and its Occurrence
  4. Choose Username
  5. Select Tasks, Beat Geo fencing and Area planning with their radius (in meters)
  6. Click on GET REPORT to view report.


How to view and export Target Report?

Web User can view or export target reports in excel through followings steps:

  1. From Navigation Menu, go to Reports & Analysis module in FeetPort web console.
  2. Click on General Reports sub module and choose Target report.
  3. Now click on the Target Report out of all type of reports available.
  4. Choose goal, occurrence, supervisor and users.
  5. Also, you can view the report territory wise by checking the 'Show territory wise option'.
  6. Click on Submit.


How to view User Summary Report in FeetPort web?

User Summary report is an important tool in comparing and analyzing the user's performance for a defined period of time) week, month and customize time period).
You can also check which users have marked the attendance late according to their shift timing. Also, you can view the total number of days of delay in attendance marking.

Admin user can view the report by following below steps:

  1. Click on the General Reports module from Navigation Menu.
  2. Under the User Report, you can choose the User Summary report.
  3. A new window will appear and select Users, Activity, Buffer Value for Late in Attendance.
  4. Select the time period for which you want to view the data.
  5. Click on Submit and data will be viewed on screen.