How to create a live dashboard on a web portal?

To create live dashboard of web user account, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. From left Navigation Menu, go to Reports & Analysis and click Dashboards..
  2. Click on + icon to Add new graph.
  3. Now select Organisational hierarchy.
  4. Pick a template the data you want to view and Pick a module and then pick the activity.
  5. Click Submit to view chart or graphs.
  6. Data can be filtered by Filter by option.
  7. Under Configuration, select the general configuration of data to be shown on X-axis and Y-axis along with time field and chart type.
  8. Choose an option from Group by and Order by menu.
  9. Under Mobile Configuration, select Time Interval and Refresh Interval for graphs visible in field user's mobile app.
  10. Click on Submit to view the graph.


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