How to create & edit a report?

To access expense reports, You must have Permission of Expenses. Permissions can be updated in Roles under Users & Identity.
  1. From the left Navigation Menu go to & Reports Analysis and choose General reports.
  2. Under Performance reports Click on + icon.
  3. Under General step, Choose required steps like Name for report, description and activity.
  4. Click on '+'  icon to add a new field.
  5. Give a label, operation and format for a field.
  6. Click on  settings ' '  icon to configure its properties.
  7. Choose Type of field and field name, Click on + icon to specify any condition.

  8. Click on Next to choose a field to Group records.
  9. Click on next to choose roles to which this report will assign.
  10. Click on Create to save report.


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