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How to view and download Reports?

This URVA app has feature for the users to view reports and also can download the Reports by following steps which are mentioned below:


  • Click on 'BEAT PLAN REPORTS' on Urva Home Page.
  • Now select the Reports as per user's requirements.
  • Report Configuration page will be open.
  • Now fill the data in the fields such as Pick a level, select a name , Date selection, Select Beat Plan, Select Type from the given dropdowns.
  • User can also select filter from the right top corner to directly open the Report Configuration page.
  • Finally click on submit and Reports will be open.
  • User can also download this report directly by clicking on the cloud icon on the right bottom corner.
    URVA App provide you a feature to set schedule for Reports . Please follow the below steps to set schedule  :
  • Click on the Schedule it icon on the right top corner after open up Reports page.
  • Now fill the fields accordingly such as Schedule type,Schedule time, select template.
  • Click on the update button to set schedule for reports on daily basis.
  • There also has options to delete and cancel the schedule as per user's requirements.