Applying Filter on tasks

Filters let us save the task searches so we can find the exact tasks we need thereby saving our time and energy.Following are the query filters and what they do:

1.Created At : All task can be searched and displayed which are created at a particular time.
2.Updated At : Tasks which can be updated at some particular time are listed.
3.Created by : Filter tasks that  are created by particular user .
4.Modified by : Filters tasks that are modified by particular user.
5.Field user : Tasks of particular mobile users in all states can be searched.
6.State : State wise filtering of task is done.

Here is how you can filter the tasks:

  1.  From Navigation Menu, Go to Tasks module.
  2. Click on Filter icon.
  3. Use universal 'Type To Search' option or filter data by different available.
  4. Choose the Filter and type values to search.
  5. Click Filter to view filtered data.