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Export tasks in PDF from Urva web and mobile app

Task can be exported in the form of PDF file. Task can be exported in excel format for any territory / date. Task PDF can be exported for each task.

Export tasks in PDF form please follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Tasks under Operations in FeetPort web.
  2. Choose Activity from the list and Submit
  3. Over each task in FINISH state ( it can be customized), there is an option of PDF  when you click on three dots. Click on that option and PDF of task will be downloaded
  4. Alternatively, click on any of the listed tasks and click PDF  on the top the screen.
  5. Your task details will be downloaded in an excel.



    Export tasks of your team members from Urva mobile app by following these steps:

    1. From Urva home page, go to Activities.
    2. Tap on the Activity and click on Finishtab.

    3. You will be able to view the list of tasks done by your team.
    4. Click on the task you want to download.
    5. Scroll down to end of the screen. 
    6. You will see option of Export to Pdf Task
    7. Now the task will open in pdf form





    Download Task Media:
    1. Go to Tasks under Operations in FeetPort web.
    2. Choose activity and Submit.
    3.  Click on any of the task which has media files in them.
    4. Now click on MEDIA option at the top.
    5. All media in the task will be downloaded in a zip file.