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Scheduling a task

There are two methods to schedule a task, webuser can schedule a task from the web console and mobile user can do the same from within the application.Let us know how schedule the task.

To schedule task from office please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to Tasks module from Navigation Menu.
  2. Click on plus '+' icon create add new task.
  3. Create a task
  4. Move the created task from insert to mobile state.
  5. Chose the Mobile user and click on Schedule.
  6. Chose the Date, Time and Frequency of Follow ups (Customization can be done)
  7. Choose the scheduling based on mode (Date time or value of a field). Which is used to end the follow up loop
  8. Once you have selected your preferred scheduling mode click on Schedule.

Your task has been scheduled and user will receive it as per the date and time scheduled. 

To schedule task from app please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. From Mobile Dashboard, go to 'Activities' tab.
  2. Open the activity.
  3. Go to Scheduled tab
  4. To create a task click on the Plus '+' icon on top
  5. Fill the details required and choose schedule option.
  6. Choose Date and Time.
  7. Click on Right icon on upper right corner.

It will create a scheduled task. User can start the task by clicking on start now or can reschedule it again.

Configuring Scheduler for tasks

Follow up creation