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Task movement/ actions performed on Urva web

Move task/ approve task from one state to another :
  1. Click on Tasks module in Operations.
  2. Choose the task which is completed by Field user. You can choose the tick mark icon against any of the task.
  3. Click on Change Stage option from the top bar.
  4. Choose the next stage as per requirement.
  5. Tap on SUBMIT.


Add comment to a task:
  1. From Home Page, go to Tasks module.
  2. Choose Activity form and then Territory and Submit.
  3. All tasks which have been done in that territory are displayed on screen.
  4. Click on the particular Task to view details.
  5. Click on the Comment tab from right slab. 
  6. You can add comment and send the comment that will be visible to users. Also, you can share attachments as well.
  7. Also, you can reply to other person's comment to add your opinion.



Download task/media pdf:
  1. From home page, go to Tasks module.
  2. Choose Activity form hierarchy and Submit.
  3. Click on any of the task to open it.
  4. Click on Export pdf option from top left corner.
  5. The task will be downloaded in pdf form.