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View and edit a task on Urva web?

Detailed view of a task in Urva- It consists of full details of a particular task, which are filled by Mobile user. You can view detailed information which is filled in the task along with other information. Follow these steps:
  1. From Home Page, go to  Tasks module.
  2. Choose territory and Submit. (All tasks done in that territory will be displayed on screen)
  3. Click on the particular Task to view details.
  4. Task opens and you will be able to view information.
  5. On left side, you can view the task stages and user to whom task has been assigned by web user. 
  6. Under Forms tab, you can view the task fields and location map where task was completed along with the data which is filled by mobile user.
  7. On the right hand side, under Timeline tab,  appears the task timeline that indicates the logs of the task like assign time,  start time and completion time of task. (So you can have an idea on time taken to complete that job/ time spent at customer's location).
  8. From top right bar, you can schedule task, assign priority, export task in pdf and delete the task.
  9. Click on any of the option and then Submit to confirm.



Apply Filters: Filters let us save the task searches so we can find the exact tasks we need thereby saving our time and energy.

Following are the query filters and what they do:

1.Created At : All task can be searched and displayed which are created at a particular time.
2.Updated At : Tasks which can be updated at some particular time are listed.
3.Created by : Filter tasks that  are created by particular user .
4.Modified by : Filters tasks that are modified by particular user.
5.Field user : Tasks of particular mobile users in all states can be searched.
6.Workflow stage : Workflow stagewise filtering of tasks. For example: you can view either view Pending tasks or Closed Tasks at a time.

Here is how you can filter the tasks:

  1. Go to Tasks module. Click on Filter icon.
  2. Use universal 'Type To Search' option or filter data by different available.
  3. Choose the + icon to add Filter and type values to search.
  4. Click Filter to view filtered data.



Add Task View as favorite
  1. From home page, go to Tasks module.
  2. Click on the Filter icon.
  3. Click on the + icon on the right side to add a new filter as favorite.
  4. Type the Filter name and click on the Save option.

Editing a Task: 
  1. Go to Tasks module.
  2. Choose activity form and Submit.
  3. Choose the task you want to edit and click on pencil Icon image-1645010044690.png
  4. Edit the details as per requirement and click on Update.