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How to view Profile Settings under team view?

A web user can change profile of the web users who are reporting to him under team view. As a part of big organization, web user may need to handle and manage multiple teams and their supervisors.

Here is the step by step guidance for the same:

  1. From Home Page, click on your profile name on top left corner.
  2. Now click on Profile Settings.
  3. Now you can edit/ view options under Actions, Hierarchy, Activity.
  4. Under Hierarchy, web user can view user hierarchy reporting to him.
  5. You can also view contact mapped with the user and communication preferences.
  6. Under Self-help, you can get the option to enable self-help for different modules.
  7. Under Devices tab, you can see the system in which the user is logged in.
  8. If you wish to configure more, you can find options under Settings.