How to plan your Route for performing tasks under Today module in FeetPort app?

On FeetPort mobile app dashboard, Field user will be able to see Today tab, this helps to plan visits/ route for the day.
Not only just plan route but also get navigation of the addresses, get info on total distance and duration of travel. This saves lot of time and effort.

Make sure you have address filled in tasks assigned to you. You can get these tasks assigned by Web User or you may create and fill address details yourself.

First, field user needs to add the tasks in 'Today' tab ad then he can proceed to plan the route for the whole day. Tasks can be added through following steps:

1. From App Home page, go to 'Today' then click on the 'Pending' tasks form that has been assigned to you.

2. Click on the Pencil icon against each task 

3. Click on Add to Today.

4. Repeat this for all pending tasks

5. Now all the tasks has been added to Today plan

Planning Route:
  • In Today tab, you will be able to see pending tasks.
  • Click on Three vertical dots icon on the right hand top, you can sort your task by choosing any of the options by distance, shortest route, time or you can manually drag and drop tasks to plan your day.
  • To view the proposed route, click on Route icon appearing at the bottom
  • You will be able to see tasks location on the map. 
  • Click on NAVIGATE NOW to navigate to the address.



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