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Urva is Finally Here- Let's See Whats New!

Home Page:

Easy to search and locate the features to access. Get all in one screen- on single click!

Home Page View 2.0.PNG






Task View:

The task and list view has not changed a lot. Now you can view, delete and filter tasks in easy way.

Task View 2.0.PNG




Edit Task:

Open the Task and edit the task section by section.  A more clear view of a task.

task full view 2.0.PNG


image (1).png                                                                                                            


Create Task:

Now create task option is available on bottom right corner.  Bulk upload with a new look.


Task Create 2.0.PNG


image (2).png 


Assign Task:

Assign Tasks directly from users from list view. Now you can create the tasks and assign it one byb one or multiple tasks to multiple users.

Assign Tasks2.0.PNG


image (3).png



User View is more defined now with more information.  Now you can see their active, reactive and deletion status.

User list View 2.0.PNG


Task View Updated 3.0.PNG


Edit User Information

Edit user and assign data. Also, you can now change password, reset ID and delete the user while editing info.

User Info View 2.0.PNG


Edit USer 3.0.PNG