How to send SMS/ Email to people not on FeetPort? or not users of FeetPort?

FeetPort facilitates with the option to send real-time updates through SMS/email to non FeetPort users. It is possible by becoming a subscriber to a mobile user in your web console. To create a subscriber please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. From your navigation menu in FeetPort web console click on Users & Identity and then click on Subscriber.
  2. Click on + to Add new subscriber.
  3. Now fill all details like Name, City, State, Email, Mobile number, and select Grade.
  4. Finally, click on SAVE to create. (How to crate a subscriber ID )

Once a subscriber is created, map it with a mobile user so he can receive updates. To do this please follow the steps:

  1. In your web console from the navigation menu click on Users & Identity.
  2. Click on Mobile User to view users, click on the user to open.
  3. Click on the SUBSCRIBERS to assign.
  4. Click on the subscribers appearing at left to assign (Now the subscriber is moved to the right).
  5. Finally, click on SAVE. ( click here to to map subscribers to mobile users )
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