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How to view & edit Users?

Follow these steps to view and update the information of users:

  • In your web console from the navigation menu on the left click on Users & Identity module.

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  • Click on Users.


  • Now the users list will be open.


  • Select particular user to view the details .


  • Now a side window will open with user's info. You can edit info like: User's First Name, Last Name, Designation, role, Reporting person, mobile number, email ID, User Group and Band etc.

  • After editing, click on Update and info will be updated.


For updating user information in bulk:

  • In your web console from the left menu on the left click on Users & Identity.
  • Click on Users sub module to view users or to create new.
  • Click on Upload.
  • Download Excel template by clicking on download icon on top left corner.
  • Fill the details in the template that you want to update. Please confirm if the data should be in correct format. If data is not in desired format the system will give you error when you upload file.
  • You can update First name, Last name, Mobile number, Email ID, 'Role Assigned', Reporting Person, Employee ID, Designation etc.
  • Under Action To, write "U" in place of "C" to update the data.
  • After adding data in file, upload the file and user info will updated for those users.