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How to configure Opening Balance for Leaves ?

Configuration Presence

Opening Balance Opening Balance tab is used for uploading and processing of leaves. Web user can...

How to view mapped users with subscriber?

Users & Identity Subscribers

To view the mapped user with a subscriber, please follow the below steps: From the Navigation M...

How to view & delete users from FeetPort Web?

Users & Identity Users

User IDs can be deactivated/ deleted from FeetPort web console. Once user ID is deactivated user ...

How to export Area Report?

Reports & Analysis Area Report

To export area report, please follow the steps mentioned below: Go to Reports & Analysis mo...

How to create Location Collection?

Collection Location

Add cities and location in Location Collection for mapping them with the field users. You can cr...

How to view Closed Expenses?


To view your own expenses, follow the below steps: In the Navigation Menu, Go to the Expenses t...

How to configure Opening Balance?

Configuration Presence

You can configure the Master Log by following the below mentioned process: From Navigation Menu...

How to configure the Log Out settings for Mobile Users?

Users & Identity Users

You can change the Log Out Preferences for the mobile users from the web console by following the...

How to move task to different state?

Tasks Tasks

To move task from one state to another, please follow the belowsteps: From Navigation menu, go ...

How to sort columns in tasks module?


You can add or remove the columns to view the Tasks in Tasks module by following below steps: C...

How to configure discounts with User Groups or Users?

Configuration Purchase Orders

Discount created can be assigned to the user through User Groups This can be done by following st...

How to add view as favorite?

Tasks Tasks

You can add task views as favorite by following steps: From navigation menu, go to Tasks module...

How to view & apply My Own/ Web User Expenses?


A Web User can view his own submitted expenses from FeetPort web portal by following the below st...

How to Flag expenses and view them?


To Flag an expense, follow the below steps: Click on the Expenses module form the Navigation Me...

How to view Single User Report and Multi User Report?

Reports & Analysis User Report

You can view the User's attendance report, follow the below steps:  Click on the General Report...

How to move a task from one state to another?


You can move task from one state to another by following blow steps: Open the Tasks to edit in ...

How to assign multiple Customers to Users from Customer Collection?

Collection Customers

You can assign Customers/ Contacts to users by following steps: From left Navigation Menu go to...

How to create Bands in Presence?

Configuration Presence

In order to create bands in FeetPort for attendance and leave management. It helps the web user t...

How to configure Tax exemption?

Configuration Purchase Orders

In order to configure Tax Exemption,  follow the below steps:  From Navigation Menu, click on t...

How to create a Subscriber ID?

Users & Identity Subscribers

A subscriber is non-user of FeetPort, basically person who doesn't have access to either FeetPort...

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