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How to configure Mobile User Dashboard?

Reports & Analysis Dashboards

Mobile user dashboard keeps mobile users updated with their performance with help of analytics an...

How to send diagnostics data for analysis to support team in case the tasks are not getting synced?


If the field user is not able to complete task after Finish & Sync, then there is a chance th...

How to create task in Mobile app (Android)?


FeetPort gives Mobile user the liberty to create tasks through Mobile application. Let's see the ...

In my calendar why am I marked absent although I have done tasks for that day?


In FeetPort  to avoid absenteeism in calendar, mobile/ field user has to Mark Attendance at least...

How to mark attendance in FeetPort (Android)?


Mobile User can mark attendance using FeetPort Application as well by following below steps:   ...

How to download distance traveled report?

Reports & Analysis User Report

Web Admins can download the report of distance traveled by the team in a day for a particular per...

How to create triggers on task state change?

Configuration Triggers

Trigger messages can be configured by the web user which can be sent to the customer as well as t...

How to assign activities to users in bulk?

Users & Identity Users

Web user can assign activities to users in bulk which saves a lot of time & effort. Follow th...

How to set reminders in Feetport App ?

Reminders ( Android)

Users can set reminders for meeting schedules, appointments and visits through Feetport app.  Fo...

How to enable Minimum time required before Mark Out for a field user?

Configuration Presence

Through this feature, a web user can configure the time required fro a field user to be present b...

How to configure permission of Screenshot taken by the mobile user?

Users & Identity Roles

This feature helps Webuser to know if mobile user has taken screenshot or not in FeetPort app. F...

How to enable Geo Fencing at the time of Check In and Finish?

Configuration Activity

Web user can mandate the user to Check and Start the task within a particular radius of the Custo...

How to enable minimum required time to spend on a task before a field user can finish it?

Configuration Activity

A web user can fix time to be spent on a task that will be completed by a field user. This restri...

How to change time zone in the FeetPort mobile app? (Android)


Field User can change the timezone according to the area in which he is working by following belo...

How to create a Quiz in Web Console?

Learning Quiz

A place where your knowledge about the product is tested. Under this module, you can view the pen...

How to add questions to Question Bank one by one ?

Learning Question bank

Learning module helps you to understand the principles and products of the organisation. It helps...

How to view & download missing days report ?

Reports & Analysis User Report

Fetch report of Mobile users for Missing days when they haven't done any task:   From Navigatio...

How to create conveyance Expense?

Configuration Expenses

To create a conveyance Expense follow the steps mentioned below? From Navigation Menu, go to Co...

How to view and export Target Report?

Reports & Analysis General Reports

Web User can view or export target reports in excel through followings steps: From Navigation M...

When I am tapping on CHECK IN, the page it is only loading, What do I do?


This error usually comes when location setting or battery optimization of the device is not enabl...

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