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Activity Interfaces

Configuration Activity

Interface defines the entire set of data fields whose values can be transferred to a form by Fee...

Identity Manager

Users & Identity

MOBILE USER Mobile users are those field workers who works in the field, whether that field is a...

How to create Order Form in Activity and map with activity?

Configuration Activity

Order Management is a very critical process for any organization dealing with Sale of products or...

order collection
dump mapping

Create Collection

Configuration Collection

FeetPort facilitates you to create your own database from back end and map it with your Activity....

Create collection
Customer data
Master data
Customer dump

How to add Scores to a task in activity?

Configuration Activity

Scoring gives an Extra boost to the team. FeetPort has this unique feature to include/ define sco...

How to define OTP for closure of any task ?

Configuration Activity

If you have a requirement to validate the information by sending an OTP SMS on your customer's/ p...

Otp configuration
Define Otp

Configure Email

Configuration Communication Center

Want to send Email to your customer / partner, after every visit done by your field team, don't w...

configuring email
email configuration
Configure Email

Why does battery optimization require to be disabled?


Battery optimization settings helps conserve battery power which is why it is turned on by defaul...

Battery Optimization
Disable Battery Optimization

How to send broadcast messages to mobile users?

Configuration Communication Center

Web users can send communication by composing messages and send them to one user or multiple user...

Create, Upload & Assign Tasks in Urva

Tasks Tasks

FeetPort facilitates you with option to allocate task in bulk, hence multiple tasks can be assign...

upload task
upload task bulk
bulk upload task
bulk upload

View, Edit, Filter Tasks on Urva web

Tasks Tasks

Detailed view of a task in Urva- It consists of full details of a particular task, which are fil...

Export tasks in PDF from Urva web and mobile app

Tasks Tasks

Task can be exported in the form of PDF file. Task can be exported in excel format for any territ...

How to install URVA1 on your device?


One can easily download the URVA1 app on their device.Please visit the following links to downloa...

Play Store

How to login to the Urva Android App?


Login in Urva1: Open Urva App on after installation. Click on 'USER SIGN IN'. A logi...

FeetPort login
App login

How to login in Urva Web Portal?

FAQs Web Console

To login on 'Urva Web Portal', please visit the link mentioned below and follow the steps: Go to...

Web Login

I am unable to login to Urva. What shouId I do?


Sometimes a user faces issue of not been able to sign in to Urva application on mobile device. P...

Not able to login
App login
Login issue

Why Urva Mobile App showing "Please enable location services from settings"?


Location Settings needs to be enabled at High Accuracy for carrying out many activities on the Ur...

Login issue
Location setting
Location Enable

Why am I getting a Prompt to Enable Location when its already Enabled?

FAQs Troubleshooting Scenarios

If you are getting the message even if your location is enabled, then it indicates that your loca...

Login issue
Location setting
Enable Location

Why I am getting "User account already is use. Try with another or contact your admin" Error?


A User will get this error when he will try to login from a different device without logging out ...

Login issue
App login

Why am I getting "Username and password combination is invalid" error?


Field User face this error message when he is using incorrect FeetPort User ID or Password to log...

Login issue